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Rochester Farmer’s Market

Explore the City’s local and regional farmer’s market with a farm-to-table bounty of fruits, vegetables, meat, artisan cheeses, homemade breads, jams and honey located at the beautiful Rochester Commons. The market will bve held starting the second Tuesday of June through the end of September, every Tuesday from 3 – 6 PM.

Rochester Listens

A civic enagement intiative in the city of Rochester, their mission is to help Rochester residents talk and work together to create communities that work for everyone. Click their link above for updated topics and meeting schedule.

Rochester Main Street

Rochester Main Street is an economic development and historic preservation program. Their goal is to promote a positive image of downtown by preserving our unique character, stengthening our economic base, and emphasizing downtown as the center of the community activity. For a list of Main Street events click the link above.

River Walk Committee

An initiative to develop the natural resources of the water, walking paths and nature trails.

Rochester Economic Development Commission (REDC)

The economic development commission is an advisory group to the City Council, to develop economic development goals and objectives, including strategic planning.

Representatives from the business community and diverse industries are committed to enhancing and encouraging the all business growth within the City.

Historic Commission

A committee devoted to preserving the historic resources of the community

Art & Culture Commission

A monthly meeting with a mission to promote the arts including the nominating the poet laureate, and recognizing programs and organizations with the annual Arts Awards.

Rochester Museum of Fine Art (RMFA)

The Rochester Museum of Fine Arts is the city's foremost visual arts initiative focused on the presentation and accessibility of fine art.